Hallowell Installation Gallery

Hallowell Custom Lockers

Custom designer lockers at East Harlem Elementary School

Custom designer lockers at Blink Fitness

Custom designed and created lockers at Blink Fitness

Duratech Shelving

Duratech Shelving intalled in a massive warehouse ready to organize the shop’s inventory

Duratech Shelving is an ideal solution for organizing massive amounts of stock and inventory

Hi-tech Shelving

Hi-Tech shelving has many options.. shown here is the closed type with 7 shelves.

Open Gear Lockers

Open Gear Sport Lockers are ideal for sports teams. Shown here are installed lockers at Lucas Oil Stadium for the NFL team Indianapolis Colts.

Rivetwell Shelving

Rivetwell Shelving is very easy and fast to install while maintaining strength and integrity

Rivetwell Shelving requires only a rubber mallet for assembly and provides 360° access

Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated Lockers are ideal for gyms and pools, providing ventilation and security while keeping a pleasant asthetic

Material Flow Gets a Website Makeover

Material Flow & Conveyors Systems
Material Flow and Conveyor Systems, Inc. is proud to debut a new look to its website. While the look of the website has changed, Material Flow still offers top-of-the-line conveyors, pallet jacks, shelving and more from some of the best manufacturers in the material handling industry (including Genie® Industries, Stromberg, Vestil Manufacturing and more) at great prices!

Order online or give us a call at 1-800-338-1382!

Guide to Effective Storage

Bin Storage Unit

Bin Storage Unit

Nearly every business has some type of items that need to be stored. Some storage areas require drawers, some require bins and some just require basic shelving. Whatever the case, an effective storage system requires a planned approach in order to improve the effectiveness of the storage and picking of inventory areas.

The easiest way to design an effective storage plan is to look at the physical properties of each item that will be stored. An evaluation of each item’s size and weight will determine a good location in a bin, drawer or section of shelving. Items should be divided into groups of small, medium and large as well as light average and heavy. This information is important as it aids in selection the depth of storage unit.

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Shelving Selection Guide


When purchasing shelving it’s important to get the shelving that meets your needs. Below are some popular shelving styles and the applications where they are best suited.

Automotive Shelving: Automotive Shelving offers quick adjustment for changing inventories. Perfect for auto dealerships, parts stores and warehouses.

Industrial Shelving: This heavy duty shelving can handle high capacity loads.

Galvanized Shelving: Perfect for storage of solvents and oily or greasy parts.

Wire Shelving: Great for applications where cleanliness and sprinkler access matter.

Toolroom Shelving: Toolroom shelving offers heavy duty storage of toolroom supplies.

Rivet Shelving: This light duty shelving is easy to assemble and works best in light industrial or commercial applications.

Commercial Shelving: Excellent for offices, light industrial or commercial applications.

Office Shelving: Office shelving offers an attractive design that goes with most office decor.

Bulk Shelving Basics

Tennsco Bulk Storage Rack

Tennsco Bulk Storage Rack

Bulk shelving is one of the most popular storage systems available. Bulk shelving is extremely easy to put together and can be configured to meet a wide range of needs. Bulk shelving can be purchased as pre-engineered units or can be custom built using components specified by the buyer. Configuring your own bulk shelving unit allows complete customization to your storage needs. The following components are required for building a bulk shelving system.

Posts / Uprights: These vertical beams feature punches that allow for shelf or shelf support placement. Several different punch styles are available depending on desired capacity.

Shelf Supports: Shelf supports do just what the name implies; support the shelves. Models vary by desired capacity. Some manufacturers have their shelves integrated with their shelf supports.

Decking: The surface where products, parts and inventory rest. Wire, steel and plywood decking are the most common types. Most bulk rack can be purchased without decking allowing the buyer to cut or purchase their own plywood.

Box Rails: Box rails divide and keep boxes organized.

Material Flow has a huge selection of bulk shelving. Call one of their experts at 1-800-338-1382.

Office Storage Guide

Every office needs some type of storage. The following products are some of the most common office storage components.

Open Shelf Filing: Excellent for medical offices, some models are even HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Multimedia Storage: Store your office’s CDs, videotapes, DVDS and other new media formats.

Lateral File Systems: Perfect for color-coded filing systems, books, and manuals. Closed or open units are available. Closed units offer increased security.

File Carts: Ideal for temporary storage or retrieving and moving volumes of file folders.

A Metro Shelving Success Story

Sibley Memorial Hospital, a 344-bed community hospital serving the Washington, DC area, recently underwent renovations that created new, state-of-the-art operating rooms. As part of these renovations, new storage solutions were necessary — including mandates requiring that all supplies be entered into a computerized materials management system in order to eliminate hallway clutter and create one centralized storage location.

For the past 22 years, Sibley had been using Metro shelving throughout the hospital, from hallways and storerooms to operating rooms. During the year-long renovation project, all new shelving had to be ready for changes at any time. Metro’s new Super Adjustable Super Erecta™ was the perfect solution. Shelves can be assembled and used for months, and adjusted when the need for a change in storage presents itself. The patented release lever allows shelves to be adjusted simply and easily at a moment’s notice. Sibley used these features to adjust its shelves so their storage bins fit between them and could be pulled out smoothly, with no wasted space on the shelving unit. With Metro storage solutions, Sibley was able to consolidate its five storerooms into one room, and even gain space for eight additional shelving units.

Not only did this save space and improve organization, but since using centralized storage, Sibley has lowered its usage and storage costs by 10% per month. It saves time as well — the task of taking inventory used to take three or four people most of a day to complete, a task that can now be done by one person in less than two hours.

A wide line of Metro shelving solutions, including the Super Adjustable Super Erecta™ line, is available from Material Flow and Metro-Wire.com.