Hallowell Installation Gallery

Hallowell Custom Lockers

Custom designer lockers at East Harlem Elementary School

Custom designer lockers at Blink Fitness

Custom designed and created lockers at Blink Fitness

Duratech Shelving

Duratech Shelving intalled in a massive warehouse ready to organize the shop’s inventory

Duratech Shelving is an ideal solution for organizing massive amounts of stock and inventory

Hi-tech Shelving

Hi-Tech shelving has many options.. shown here is the closed type with 7 shelves.

Open Gear Lockers

Open Gear Sport Lockers are ideal for sports teams. Shown here are installed lockers at Lucas Oil Stadium for the NFL team Indianapolis Colts.

Rivetwell Shelving

Rivetwell Shelving is very easy and fast to install while maintaining strength and integrity

Rivetwell Shelving requires only a rubber mallet for assembly and provides 360° access

Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated Lockers are ideal for gyms and pools, providing ventilation and security while keeping a pleasant asthetic