Material Flow Archives: Past Racking System Projects

Here’s a look inside some of Material Flow’s past racking system projects.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack - Boat Storage

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A New Storage System at Material Flow

Over the past few months, Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. undertook a project at the Donald, Oregon headquarters. The project: expanding an existing open-air storage area on the lot into an indoor racking/mezzanine storage system. The project was met with great success. Here is a pictorial glimpse at the project progression and completed stage:

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Industrial Steel Storage Rack Overview

Industrial steel storage racks are designed to store palletized, containerized or large unit loads placed in the rack by material handling equipment. Think of steel storage racks as a super heavy duty shelving system. Here are the most popular types of steel storage rack systems.

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The Benefits of Rack Supported Structures

Rack Supported Buildings

Is your company looking for a new building, or pallet rack system? Why not combine the two and use a rack supported structure? Rack supported structures have many benefits over conventional buildings.

  • It costs less to construct a rack supported structure than a conventional building. Many services and and fees are eliminated.
  • A rack supported structure takes less time to build, and eliminates the need for rack installation.
  • The whole building can be used for storage and handling. No more wasted space.
  • Rack supported structures aren’t always classified as buildings. This is advantageous for tax purposes. (Tax laws are always changing, check with your tax professional for more information).

For more information call the storage rack experts from Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382

Cantilever Rack: A Quick Overview

Cantilever racks are great for storing steel bars, lumber, and pipe. Long, heavy items are stored with ease. The main benefit of a cantilever rack is increased accessibility to loads. Forklifts can easily load and unload from rack arms and base. Another benefit of cantilever rack is that it is easy to add additional arms, uprights or braces as storage needs change. For more information on a cantilever rack system call Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 for expert assistance. There are three main parts to a cantilever rack system.

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