Material Flow Gets a Website Makeover

Material Flow & Conveyors Systems
Material Flow and Conveyor Systems, Inc. is proud to debut a new look to its website. While the look of the website has changed, Material Flow still offers top-of-the-line conveyors, pallet jacks, shelving and more from some of the best manufacturers in the material handling industry (including Genie® Industries, Stromberg, Vestil Manufacturing and more) at great prices!

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Material Flow Archives: Past Racking System Projects

Here’s a look inside some of Material Flow’s past racking system projects.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack - Boat Storage

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Guide to Pallet Rack Safety

Material Flow pallet racks are engineered for long service life.  The following is a guide to Material Flow’s recommendations for determining load requirements and optimal operating conditions for years of safety and trouble-free service.

Frame Depth

Pallets have a recommended overhang of 3″.  For pallets 48″ deep, we recommend a frame depth of 42″.

Frame Height

The height of your pallets must be taken into consideration when determining load heights. For lower-level storage, allow 4″ minimum clearance between the top of your load and the bottom of the next highest beam.  For higher loading levels, allow 6″ minimum clearance.  Allow a minimum of 18″ (or as required by local codes) between the top of your uppermost load and the ceiling sprinkler units.

Beam Length

Allow a clearance of 4″ between palletized loads, as well as between loads and uprights.  There should be a minimum clearance of no less than 3″ between loads and upright posts.  To maintain proper spacing, beams with a length of over 120″ should be tied together with the appropriate front-to-back bar.

Back-To-Back Clearance

Where pallet placement may vary, sufficient clearance is required to accommodate minimum pallet overhang and tolerances.  Building structures, intermediate sprinkler systems, and local codes must be taken into account, and may necessitate additional clearance.

Installation and Anchoring

Racks must be plumb, level, and properly anchored in order to insure minimum stability standards.

Additional Precautions

Where above-average rack abuse is anticipated, additional precautions should be taken.  Material Flow recommends additional rack reinforcement in the case of narrow aisles used for high speed or high inventory turnover positions.  Material Flow also advises impact supports and aisle guidance devices, especially at aisle intersections and other high-risk locations.

The Benefits of Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack saves time and money by dramatically reducing the time required for order picking. A well designed carton flow rack system keeps the most popular products at the ideal level for workers and allows the oldest products to be taken first. Pallet flow rack are equipped with either skate-wheel or ball bearings depending on the application. Many systems are designed to work with existing pallet rack, this allows for a combination of pallet rack and flow rack; the best of both worlds. Another benefit of flow rack is that tilted shelves reduce worker fatigue and injuries by keeping product at the front of the shelf, no more bending and stretching. Pallet Flow Rack will also increase space utilization in your existing structure, helping defer or avoid the costs of building and maintaining new structures.

Successful Pallet Flow system design requires the following:

  • An experienced vendor, to ensure the initial system design is appropriate for your application.
  • Installation by experienced personnel who understand the ins-and-outs of making these systems function properly.
  • A durable structure to support the flow lanes. Use high quality pallet rack that is built to last.
  • A knowledgeable system integrator, with a working knowledge of how to combine your flow rack system with other elements of your storage facility, such as Pick Modules, Push-Back Racks and more.

Material Flow and Conveyor Systems is one of the largest pallet rack dealers on the west coast, give them a call at 1-800-338-1382

Cantilever Rack: A Quick Overview

Cantilever racks are great for storing steel bars, lumber, and pipe. Long, heavy items are stored with ease. The main benefit of a cantilever rack is increased accessibility to loads. Forklifts can easily load and unload from rack arms and base. Another benefit of cantilever rack is that it is easy to add additional arms, uprights or braces as storage needs change. For more information on a cantilever rack system call Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 for expert assistance. There are three main parts to a cantilever rack system.

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