Material Flow Gets a Website Makeover

Material Flow & Conveyors Systems
Material Flow and Conveyor Systems, Inc. is proud to debut a new look to its website. While the look of the website has changed, Material Flow still offers top-of-the-line conveyors, pallet jacks, shelving and more from some of the best manufacturers in the material handling industry (including Genie® Industries, Stromberg, Vestil Manufacturing and more) at great prices!

Order online or give us a call at 1-800-338-1382!

A New Storage System at Material Flow

Over the past few months, Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. undertook a project at the Donald, Oregon headquarters. The project: expanding an existing open-air storage area on the lot into an indoor racking/mezzanine storage system. The project was met with great success. Here is a pictorial glimpse at the project progression and completed stage:

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Material Flow Archives: Past Mezzanine Projects

We’ve returned to the archives and uncovered some photos from past mezzanine projects Material Flow has done over the years:

Stromberg Catwalk Mezzanine – Auto Parts Wholesaler

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Mezzanines: Things to Consider


Height: Height is determined by importance of under-clearance and code restrictions. Is the distance from ground floor to the mezzanine deck surface or the mezzanine under-clearance more important? Headroom above the mezzanine deck should also be considered. Codes typically dictate minimums.

Loads: What types of load will be on the deck? Relative or concentrated?

Column Spacing: Will mezzanine columns be potential hazards for traffic and material flow. If this doesn’t matter Material Flow may be able to offer advice in configuring the most efficient column spacing.

Deck Surface: Many types of deck surfaces are available. Decking is an important aspect of mezzanines and should be carefully chosen considering the capacity required. Another factor to choosing decking is who will be using it, some workers may not feel comfortable working at heights on see-through mesh decking.

Interfaces: If the mezzanine is going to interface with conveyor, rack, shelving, offices and so on please let Material Flow know so we can help configure a mezzanine to work with this equipment.

Stairs and Railing: Stair and railing locations are established with the first concern  being user safety. Code requirements and efficiency of material and traffic flow are other important considerations.

Expansions: If the possibility of future vertical or horizontal expansion of the mezzanine is foreseen, it is important to inform Material Flow.

Increasing Space with a Mezzanine

Lyon Mezzanine from Materialflow.comMezzanines are one of the most cost effective investments a company can make. A mezzanine can double floor area, provide twice the number of “picking fronts” and offer twice the cube utilization. Another benefit of mezzanines is the cost. A typical mezzanine offers three times the space of a new building for the same amount of money. Because mezzanines aren’t stand alone structures they offer several tax benefits as well as increased depreciation. Mezzanines are great for using space that would otherwise go wasted. They can be placed above existing shelving or racking and add even more storage through the use of drawers, shelving, or cabinets.

Building Requirements
Mezzanines require a ceiling height of at least 14″ floor loads in excess of 150 lb. per square foot, a minimum of obstructions in all three dimensions and a building lease that allows modifications and customization. Dual level sprinklers are usually required and changes to lighting, HVAC, and other systems are typically needed. Attaching a mezzanine to a building makes it under the jurisdiction of local building codes.

Adding a mezzanine will change the handling methods used by operators and should be considered when planning and designing a mezzanine. The best way to setup materials with a two level setup is to keep fast moving product families on the lower level and slow moving product families on the top. The biggest mistake made with two level storage is to only split up slow and fast moving products without thinking about keeping similar product families together. Access to mezzanines can be accomplished using ladders and stairways. has a huge selection of OSHA approved ladders.

If your warehouse or plant is in need of more space consider a mezzanine. It’s much cheaper than buying new land and you can take it with you if your business ever moves. A great place to purchase mezzanines is They have a large selection and a great staff that knows the ins and outs of material handling. Give them a call at 1-800-338-1382.