Hallowell Installation Gallery

Hallowell Custom Lockers

Custom designer lockers at East Harlem Elementary School

Custom designer lockers at Blink Fitness

Custom designed and created lockers at Blink Fitness

Duratech Shelving

Duratech Shelving intalled in a massive warehouse ready to organize the shop’s inventory

Duratech Shelving is an ideal solution for organizing massive amounts of stock and inventory

Hi-tech Shelving

Hi-Tech shelving has many options.. shown here is the closed type with 7 shelves.

Open Gear Lockers

Open Gear Sport Lockers are ideal for sports teams. Shown here are installed lockers at Lucas Oil Stadium for the NFL team Indianapolis Colts.

Rivetwell Shelving

Rivetwell Shelving is very easy and fast to install while maintaining strength and integrity

Rivetwell Shelving requires only a rubber mallet for assembly and provides 360° access

Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated Lockers are ideal for gyms and pools, providing ventilation and security while keeping a pleasant asthetic

Locker Maintenance Procedures

Lyon Designer Lockers from Material Flow

A quality set of lockers can last decades if properly cared for. Here are a few things you can do to keep your lockers in top condition.

• Clean interior and exterior of locker using a mild soap solution applied with a damp cloth or sponge. Lockers must be thoroughly dried. Use of caustic cleaners/disinfectants will damage the locker finish and void warranties.
• Tighten loose hardware on body and hooks with 3/8 hex nut driver
• Tighten loose hardware on handle assembly with ¼ hex nut driver
• Adjust door jambs on frame member if door does not latch properly with pliers Adjust downward if door hangs up and upward if door fails to latch.
• Door jambs can be lubricated with a wax stick.
• Check to see that sliding catch is moving freely and the roller spins freely. If the parts do not operate freely, contact your local locker dealer.
• Lubricate hinges with a lightweight machine oil making sure to wipe off any excess oil.
• Waxing of lockers is not necessary, however if preferred, use a high-grade automotive type wax.
• Touch up nicks and scratches as required. Featheredge deep nicks and remove any rust with fine emery cloth. Contact your local dealer for all spray on or brush on touch up paint in specified colors.
• Replace any badly worn or broken parts of unit by contacting your local locker dealer.

Material Flow carries lockers and locker accessories from the top manufacturers.

Specialty Lockers

Specialty Lockers

Lockers are a necessity at many businesses today. Providing workers with a secure place to store their belongings is a benefit that any employee will appreciate. Sometimes a standard locker just won’t do. Here’s a rundown on some specialized lockers.

High Tech Lockers: These lockers feature a digital lock that ensures no more lost keys. A management key allows an administrator to open all lockers. This feature comes in handy for preventing workplace theft.

Health-Care Lockers: The prevention of harmful growth in hospitals is becoming more important every day. These lockers are coated with an antimicrobial finish that reduces the spread of germs.

ADA Compliant Lockers: Non-Compliance to the Federal ADA act can lead to big fines. These ADA approved lockers feature a low profile design, a special door handle that only requires 20 degrees of rotation and an easy closing door specifically designed for those with physical challenges.

Lyon Locker Installations

Lyon Lockers are perfect for many storage applications including those at health clubs, schools, offices, hospitals or any other facility that requires storage lockers. Call Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 to order a Lyon Locker system.

Lyon Locker Installation

This athletic facility above is equipped with Lyon lockers that feature roomy full height compartments for uniforms/clothes, plus a lockable compartment for personal effects

These lockers were installed at a Texas High School. New lockers can really improve the visual appeal of any building.

Lyon Locker Installation
Lyon Locker Installation

Lyon Lockers are available in a wide range of colors to match any color scheme and feature rugged paint that is resistant to chipping and peeling. These lockers were installed at a Florida Middle School.

The popularity of computers and other portable devices helped convince one school to order 450 lockers with electrical outlets that give students a secure place to charge and store their electronics. Proof that Lyon Lockers are changing with the times.

Lyon Locker Installation with Plug In
http://www.lyon-cabinets.com/MFG-PRODS/Blog/Lyon-Locker-Installation-Gym.jpg These ventilated Lyon Lockers help reduce odor in a high school gym.
Schools aren’t the only ones using Lyon Lockers. This install was done in a fire station. The lack of doors allows fire fighters to quickly access their equipment. http://www.lyon-cabinets.com/MFG-PRODS/Blog/Lyon-Fire-Installation.jpg