Hand Truck Maintenance Guide

Handtrucks are a simple but effective way of moving equipment such as drums, barrels, or appliances. Used in conjunction with powered equipment handtrucks can increase productivity and reduce worker injury. While handtrucks are extremely simply a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Hand trucks can last many years if properly maintained. The following tips can increase the life of your handtruck.

  • Check capacity ratings and rollability of your handtrucks. Make sure operators are not overloading trucks or pushing trucks with damaged wheels. This can damage floors.
  • If using four wheeled trucks to form a train, limit train length to prevent damage when going around corners.
  • If using a two wheeled handtruck tilt the load forward before inserting the hand truck’s nose. Do not ram the handtruck underneath the load, this may bend the nose.
  • Lubricate all wheels and casters. This will keep wheels rolling freely and prevent damage to flooring.
  • Regularly inspect hand trucks for damage.

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