Material Flow Gets a Website Makeover

Material Flow & Conveyors Systems
Material Flow and Conveyor Systems, Inc. is proud to debut a new look to its website. While the look of the website has changed, Material Flow still offers top-of-the-line conveyors, pallet jacks, shelving and more from some of the best manufacturers in the material handling industry (including Genie® Industries, Stromberg, Vestil Manufacturing and more) at great prices!

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Why Loading Dock Safety is Important

The video aboves shows firsthand some of the dangers when a loading dock is ill-equipped with safety measures and procedures. While the worker in this video walked away from the accident, it could have been far worse. And the same could have been far worse for this truck driver below:

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Installing a LO-Dock Dock Leveler

The Bluff LO-Dock Dock Leveler is the perfect solution to the nagging low dock problem. With this unit you can raise the height of your dock without any concrete work or renovation.  Regardless of your dock height, it can be raised to a proper level that fits your operation without expensive installation costs.

It may be tempting to just use a ramp that “works” but this usually creates an incorrect grade which requires forklift operators to use high speed and can result in load spills, equipment damage, injuries or unwanted trailer movement; not a good idea.

The LO-Dockleveler can raise dock height by as much as 9 inches. It is available in many combinations and features easy no weld installation to concrete docks.

Installation: Start the installation by anchoring the unit ramp plate using 1/2 inch flat head cap screws into the 9/16 inch countersunk holes near the beveled edge. The last step is to anchor the LO-Dock hinge plate to face of dock with thirteen 3/4 inch anchor bolts. Now the LO-Dock is ready to provide years of dependable service.

Docks Seal and Shelter Guide

Dock seals and shelters provide extra security and help maintain the internal climate of your plant or warehouse. In fact, the money spent on a dock seal is typically recouped within months thanks to the increased energy savings. In addition to saving energy, dock seals/shelters keep workers and products out of inclement weather. They can also increase storage by allowing trailers to become temperature controlled extensions of the building.

When purchasing a dock seal or shelter it is important to consider the following.

• Size and style of trailers to be serviced
• Grade of approach
• Size of overhead door
• Dock height
• Dock bumper size
• Mounting surface

It is important to get a dock seal/shelter system that works with the most common trailer sizes. No system is going to work for every trailer. Figure out the most common trailer size that visits your dock and buy accordingly.

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Dockboard Selection Guide

Dockboard Selection Guide

Dockboards allow a smooth transition from trucks to loading docks. Choosing the properly sized dockboard is a key to dock safety. Here are some questions to ask when purchasing a dockboard

1.What is the difference of height between the truck and dock?

2.How much weight is going to be traveling over the dockboard? Dockboards should be 12″ to 18″ wider than than the width of vehicle or pallet being used.

Below is some information on proper dockplate length…

Height Difference
Dockplate Length
Pallet Jack
Propane Forklift
Electric Forklift

If your business needs a dockboard call Materialflow at 1-800-338-1382 for expert assistance.

Truck Loading Plate Configuration Guide

Loading Plate Dock Height Guide

Truck loading plates are great for bridging the gap between trucks and loading zones. Use the guidelines below to configure the proper loading plate setup.

1. Determine height difference between dock and truck. (round to nearest inch)
2. Determine correct plate width. Width should be no less than 12 inches wider than the widest load or equipment being moved.
3. Determine capacity

Using a Hand Truck: Maximum Load Weight + Equipment Weight + Operator Weight = Capacity

Using Pallet Trucks or Other Moving Equipment: Maximum Load Weight + Equipment Weight X .75 = Capacity

Use a loading plate equipped with sided curbs if length of loading plate is longer than 48″ or if plate will be bridging span over 18″

Loading Dock Light Communication Systems

Vestil DTS-5 Traffic Light

Having a working dock communication system is an integral part of loading dock safety. A two way light allows clear communication between the truck driver and dock personnel. A common use of a light communication system is to use the light to let the driver know when his truck is done being loaded or unloaded. Dock communication systems can also be used to control traffic in loading zones. Combining a light communication system with vehicle restraints adds another measure of safety to your loading docks. Many styles of lights are available including new LED units which feature bulbs that never need to be replaced. Visors on top of lights reduce glare.

Materialflow sells a great set of Dock Traffic Systems. Visit for more information on this product, or just call them at 1-800-338-1382 for experienced customer service.