Material Flow Gets a Website Makeover

Material Flow & Conveyors Systems
Material Flow and Conveyor Systems, Inc. is proud to debut a new look to its website. While the look of the website has changed, Material Flow still offers top-of-the-line conveyors, pallet jacks, shelving and more from some of the best manufacturers in the material handling industry (including Genie® Industries, Stromberg, Vestil Manufacturing and more) at great prices!

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Simple Storage Solutions

An organized workspace can increase productivity and reduce wasted money on unnecessary supplies or equipment that you have but can’t find. Shelving and cabinets are the two most basic storage solutions that can help organize the products, supplies and inventory of your office, or warehouse.

Lyon Bulk Shelving


The simplest form of storage, shelving keeps products or supplies off of workbenches, tables or the floor. Shelving also keeps items closer to eye level making inventory, products or supplies much easier to find.

Open Shelving: Ideal for packaged stock. Offers high visibility for items without assigned shelf locations
Closed Shelving: Adds protection against dust & sunlight. Also used to separate storage and work areas.
Pre-Engineered Rivet Rack: Use for merchandise displays, storing packaged goods, or holding large cartons of equipment and supplies in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities.
Bulk Storage Rack: Great for storing cartoned merchandise in shipping and receiving departments. Can also be used for display racking in furniture and department stores and storage of medical and dietary supplies in hospitals.
Chrome-Plated Wire Shelving: Provides access from all four sides with high visibility and maximum ventilation. No dust or dirt build up, improved sprinkler access enhances fire safety.
Storage & Display Bins: Ideal for storage and display of parts, small bulk items, or packaged merchandise in repair shops, garages, parts and tool rooms, machine shops, etc.

Lyon Cabinet


Performs the same basic function of shelving but features doors that can hide unsightly items in public areas.

Standard Cabinets: Time tested design, great for storing supplies, inventory or products.
Drawer Cabinets: Perfect for small parts or tools.
Bin Storage Cabinets: Keeps small parts together in bins.
Safety Cabinets: Designed for the storage of chemicals or flammable items.
Mobile Cabinets: Cabinets with wheels make for easy transport.