Material Flow Archives: Past Mezzanine Projects

We’ve returned to the archives and uncovered some photos from past mezzanine projects Material Flow has done over the years:

Stromberg Catwalk Mezzanine – Auto Parts Wholesaler

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Material Flow Archives: Past Conveyor Projects

We’ve ventured into the Material Flow archives and discovered photos of past custom conveyor projects we have completed over the years.

Arco Gas & Oil – Anchorage, Alaska

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Proper Sizing & Selection of Frames & Beams

Determining Frame Depth
The depth of the frame is determined by the size of the pallet. The most common pallet used is a 40″ wide x 48″ deep GMA wooden pallet. Using that as a guideline, the pallet should overhang the beams 3″ in the front and 3″ in the back thus making the frame depth 42″. The reason for this RMI rates beam capacities with 3″ front and back. When the operator is putting pallets away in the upper levels, it is wise to allow overhang so that the driver doesn’t inadvertently miss the beam when setting the pallet down.

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Gravity Application

The all roller and skatewheel type curves.

If boxes must remain oriented you should use a taper roller or a skatewheel curve section. If you use roller type curve sections, boxes should be spaced so the rollers are allowed to function properly. If boxes go through in a group or in a train, they more than likely will not stay oriented. The reason for this is that boxes behind are pushing those ahead of them.

The majority of a box or package must be on the curve section before it will turn properly. Long boxes can be a problem since they may not feel the effect of the curve until enough of the package moves onto the curve. If boxes are moving at a high rate of speed, they will not negotiate the curve properly.

In a gravity flow type system, it might be necessary to decline the curves. This is somewhat difficult since the curve must be twisted.

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