Material Flow Archives: Past Racking System Projects

Here’s a look inside some of Material Flow’s past racking system projects.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack - Boat Storage

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A New Storage System at Material Flow

Over the past few months, Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. undertook a project at the Donald, Oregon headquarters. The project: expanding an existing open-air storage area on the lot into an indoor racking/mezzanine storage system. The project was met with great success. Here is a pictorial glimpse at the project progression and completed stage:

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Proper Sizing & Selection of Frames & Beams

Determining Frame Depth
The depth of the frame is determined by the size of the pallet. The most common pallet used is a 40″ wide x 48″ deep GMA wooden pallet. Using that as a guideline, the pallet should overhang the beams 3″ in the front and 3″ in the back thus making the frame depth 42″. The reason for this RMI rates beam capacities with 3″ front and back. When the operator is putting pallets away in the upper levels, it is wise to allow overhang so that the driver doesn’t inadvertently miss the beam when setting the pallet down.

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It’s An International Rack World

Rack and where it’s made is not as important as knowing the customers requirements and having a knowledgeable vendor. Of the twenty largest manufacturers of storage and material handling products in the world, none are owned in the United States. Most U.S. rack companies have been bought or changed hands at least two times in the last ten years. Of the three largest steel companies, none are U.S. owned.

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