Stacker Configurations

PowerStak: The Presto Powerstak is a high performance, fully powered stacker that offers significant performance advantages over manual stackers without a significant price premium. The PowerStak provides instant flexibility and versatility. Whether used as a dedicated stacker, or as a combination stacker/work positioner, or as a  transporter, it will provide a significant improvement in worker productivity. Its abundance of ergonomic features make it the safest, easiest to operate powered stacker available. Its sleek, stylish design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow the Powerstak to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments including:

  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Light Assembly Work Cells
  • Retail Sales Floors

Four PowerStak models are available to satisfy just about any requirement including servicing racks up to 10 feet high. Fork Over models can be used with open bottom pallets or skids and adjustable straddle units are available for use with any pallet style, even closed bottom.

Lift Stik Series: The Lift Stik is a highly versatile lifter/transporter that  has no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, so it can be used in light industrial, laboratory and even office applications.

Presto P4 Load Leveler

Presto P4 Load Leveler

The P4 Load Leveler improves worker productivity and reduces fatigue. Its platform lowers to floor height so that pallets can be placed and removed using a hand pallet truck.

In loading operations, a pallet is placed on the platform and the platform is raised by hydraulic power to its full “UP” position. As goods are loaded onto the pallet, the platform is lowered so that each succeeding tier of goods can be loaded at the same height.

When unloading pallets, the platform starts at its lowest height and is progressively raised so that each succeeding tier of goods can be removed at the same height.

The P4 Load Leveler can be accessed from all four sides. Units are equipped with a photoelectric toe guard which will stop downward travel if the beam is interrupted.

The units have capacities up to 4000 lbs., making them suitable for most pallet loads that can be moved with hand equipment.

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Presto Lift Stik Series

Presto Lift Stik Series

Sleek, stylish, ergonomic work positioners.

The Lift Stik from Presto Lifts may be the most versatile lifter transporter ever built. Its innovative compact design distributes the load evenly over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors.

Lift is achieved by a powered, continuous chain in the Lift Stik’s single mast. The narrow mast design provides unmatched visibility. A hand-held push-button remote allows the operator to lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit and at dual speeds for safe, efficient control. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero drift and no possibility of messy hydraulic leaks. The battery-charge indicator is mounted centrally on the push handle in direct view, and an auto-cutoff function prevents overcharging.

Ideal for stockrooms, assembly areas, laboratories, offices, and retail stores, Lift Stiks™ are available in four models with load capacities ranging from 185 to 445 lbs. Maximum lift heights of the platform/forks range from 52” to 65”. The unit’s ergonomic contoured “sponge grip” handles can be adjusted to accommodate operators of different heights.

Units are available with either platform or fork design.

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Power Stack Counterbalance Stacker

Presto Power Stak Counterbalance Stacker

The versatile, fully powered PowerStak™ Counterbalance Stacker from Presto Lifts. works with any style pallet or skid and is ideal for servicing racks, loading/unloading trucks, feeding machinery, and other applications where straddle legs could get in the way.

With a load capacity of 1100 pounds, a load center of 15”, and a lift height of 62”, the unit has a short yet stable wheel base to maximize maneuverability in tight quarters on uneven floors and ramps. The tilt of the mast is adjustable. Overall height is 82”, overall width 32”. The forks are each 3” wide and 30” long. The PowerStak Counterbalance Stacker is loaded with ergonomic features.

The ergonomically designed handle puts all controls within easy reach for maximum operator comfort and convenience. Forward- and reverse-drive “thumb” switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate left-hand or right-hand operation. An auto-reversing “belly bump” switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, while an automatic brake immediately halts travel when the stacker is reversed. The polyurethane drive wheel is fully shrouded to protect the operator’s feet. Power is achieved via two maintenance-free 12-volt batteries. A 110-volt built-in charge is also a standard feature. Options include load backrests, a deep-cycle battery, and forged forks.

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Genie Super Tower

Genie Lift Super Tower

Lifts and supports lighting systems, sound systems and stage scenery.

The ST-20 and ST-25 are the ideal stage hands. These two models are the perfect tool for lifting and supporting sound systems, stage scenery and lighting systems.

The Super Towers can be used asa  single unit, or tow or can be used together to support trusses spanning the stage.

Set up is easy: Just install the outriggers and set the leveling jacks.

Load Stability: The hand winch locks the load in place to ensure loading stability when the handle is released.

Easy to transport: In a stowed position these Super Towers are easy to transport with no bulky base to get in the way.

These units come standard with a flat black anodized finish so that they are nearly invisible to an audience. The ST-20 lifts 800 lbs. to 19′-6″ and the ST-25 lifts 650 lbs. to 24′-4″. The compact base is 22″ x 25 1/4″ in the stowed position.

In addition you have the option of one or two speed winches, load platforms or fork extensions.

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Genie Super Hoists

Portable Telescoping Pneumatic Hoists

These lightweight portable material lifts are powered by C02 or compressed air. The Gene Superhoists lifts, positions and installs (3 in 1). These super lifts are excellent for metal and fiberboard air ducts, plumbing, overhead sprinklers, sheetrock ceiling panels and electrical fixtures.

The standard features for these units are listed below.

A) The GH 3.8 and GH5.6 Super Hoists sets up in seconds. There are no special tools needed. The legs fold out from the base for quck and easy set up.
B) The one piece platform attaches to the cylinder with a twist of the wrist.  When the limit is not in use the stores easily around the buckets underneath the platform.
C) Easy to release safety lock mechanism keep each leg “up” from for storage or “out” for use. Casters lock in place with a touch from your foot.
D) The up and down functions are easy to operate.
E) The super hoist units are powered by C02 or compressed air. Any bottle is fine. The “one size fits all” C02 bottle mounting bracet accepts any common bottle size.
F) These units are completely portable. One person can move it quickly and effortlessly from job to job.
G) Automatic/Lubricating. There is an oil reservoir on top of each piston inside the cylinder.
H) Every part on the Genie Super Hoist is completely serviceable.

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Genie Model LL Load Lifter

Genie Load Lifter

The handtruck that lifts up to 200 lbs. 5′-7″ inches. Some of this truck’s standard features are:

1. One person can easily and safely move heavy loads.
2. Designed and constructed of durable lightweight aluminum.
3. High speed reversible winch quickly lifts the load.
4. High strength aircraft quality cable prevents  corrosion and fraying.
5. Cushioned neoprene hand grip for easy handling.
6. Corrosion resistant, won’t rust.
7. The leveled aluminum platform allows for easy loading and unloading.
8. Accessories are easy to install.
9. The units use portable and the fold for compact storage.
10. 8″ non-marking rear wheels.
11. All models include stair glides for easy handling on stairs.

Genie Load Lifters have many functions. Here are just a few of them:
A). Handling or moving boxes or panels.
B). Handling and moving computer /electronic equipment.
C). Handling and moving fax, postal machines and office equipment.
D). Small appliances.
E). Handling and moving around paper and printed materials.
F). In-process manufactured parts
G). Used as a work table and for everyday material handling needs.

These units are great for use in any maintenance department, shop, plant, mill or warehouse. To learn more about the Genie LL Load Lifter visit or call Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382.