Genie Super Tower

Genie Lift Super Tower

Lifts and supports lighting systems, sound systems and stage scenery.

The ST-20 and ST-25 are the ideal stage hands. These two models are the perfect tool for lifting and supporting sound systems, stage scenery and lighting systems.

The Super Towers can be used asa  single unit, or tow or can be used together to support trusses spanning the stage.

Set up is easy: Just install the outriggers and set the leveling jacks.

Load Stability: The hand winch locks the load in place to ensure loading stability when the handle is released.

Easy to transport: In a stowed position these Super Towers are easy to transport with no bulky base to get in the way.

These units come standard with a flat black anodized finish so that they are nearly invisible to an audience. The ST-20 lifts 800 lbs. to 19′-6″ and the ST-25 lifts 650 lbs. to 24′-4″. The compact base is 22″ x 25 1/4″ in the stowed position.

In addition you have the option of one or two speed winches, load platforms or fork extensions.

For more information on these fine units go to or call Material Flow and Conveyor Systems at 1-800-338-1382.

Genie Super Hoists

Portable Telescoping Pneumatic Hoists

These lightweight portable material lifts are powered by C02 or compressed air. The Gene Superhoists lifts, positions and installs (3 in 1). These super lifts are excellent for metal and fiberboard air ducts, plumbing, overhead sprinklers, sheetrock ceiling panels and electrical fixtures.

The standard features for these units are listed below.

A) The GH 3.8 and GH5.6 Super Hoists sets up in seconds. There are no special tools needed. The legs fold out from the base for quck and easy set up.
B) The one piece platform attaches to the cylinder with a twist of the wrist.  When the limit is not in use the stores easily around the buckets underneath the platform.
C) Easy to release safety lock mechanism keep each leg “up” from for storage or “out” for use. Casters lock in place with a touch from your foot.
D) The up and down functions are easy to operate.
E) The super hoist units are powered by C02 or compressed air. Any bottle is fine. The “one size fits all” C02 bottle mounting bracet accepts any common bottle size.
F) These units are completely portable. One person can move it quickly and effortlessly from job to job.
G) Automatic/Lubricating. There is an oil reservoir on top of each piston inside the cylinder.
H) Every part on the Genie Super Hoist is completely serviceable.

Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. carries and sells an excellent selection of Genie lifts! Give us a call at 1-800-338-1382 and our friendly staff will help you with all of your questions and needs.

Genie Lift GL Series

Genie Lift GL Series Lift

The material lift with literally thousands of applications!

These units provide years of reliable service. With three base models and many accessories to choose from, the Genie Lift is ideal for all your material handling needs.

The standard base model has a compact design which allows you to lift and maneuver in congested work areas. These units are available in 4 ft. and 8 ft. lift heights. They have a low loading height and have 8″ non-marking  rear wheels and 2″ dual wheel front swivel casters.

The straddle base models feature adjustable base legs which straddle loads or fixed objects up to 36″ wide. Ideal for lifting small pallets, appliances and other bulky objects. These units come in four standard, lift heights 4′, 8′, 10′ and  12′ legs adjust from inside dimensions of 22″ to 36″. Rear wheels are 8″ non-marking and the front swivel casters are 2″ dual wheels.

Counterweight models have about 9″ front legs which allows you to get close to your load. These units are excellent accessing loads on countertops, shelving units, workbenches or packing stations. Units are available in 4′. 8′ and 10′ lift heights.  Designed for use on  level surfaces. Units have 5″ rear swivel casters with side brakes and fixed 4″ front wheels.

The GL series lift have literally thousands of applications:
Shipping/Receiving, transporting appliances, lifting heavy material to or from shelves, moving office equipment installing ceiling or wall appliances, record storage and retrieval, HVAC repair and install lifting electrical or computer products, handling of cement bags, lifting and moving automotive parts.

The GL-4, GL-8, GL-10 and GL-12 have many options. Foot release brakes are available for standard or pneumatic wheels, various caster options, electric winch option, load platforms, load booms and aluminum ladder attachment.

So whether you are installing, repairing stock shelves or pulling products off assemblylines call Material Flow for all your Genie GL series needs.

Genie SLC Lifts


Genie SLC Lifts are some of the finest manually operated lifts on the market today. The SuperLift Contractor is an ideal tool for construction firms and every kind of contractor.

Genie manufactures three different lifts. The SLC-12, SLC-18 and SLC-24. The lift heights range all  the way from 11′-2″ to 24′. These lifts are used by contractors, maintenance people and industrial users alike. here are just a few of the uses for these lifts.

1. Electrical maintenance and installation.
2. HVAC mainetance and install.
3. General Roof Maintenance
4. School and Hospital Maintenance
5. Warehouse and plant Maintenance
6. Any place lifting is required. Up to 650 lbs. on a 14″ load center.

The standard features are: A heavy duty design, yet lightweight and very portable.  Quick setup requires no tools; loads easily into a pickup or truck for transporting. The units have rear transport wheel assemblies. The casters are 4″ in the front and 5″ the rear with side brakes. a hold down bar holds the mast assembly in place during transport.

For more information go to or call Material Flow and Conveyor Systems at 1-800-338-1382.