Hilman Rollers in Action!

Hilman Rollers are the industry leading rollers for lifting and transporting some of the heaviest objects on earth. Here’s a look at some places Hilman Rollers have been put to use.

Madison Square Garden | Air Force Weather Station | Submarine Hull Testing Module | U.S. Navy Minehunter | Pre-Civil War Granite Wall | Automobile Manufacturer

Madison Square Garden, New York City

During a renovation of the stage area at Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City, low profile Hilman Rollers were put to use to move new trusses in very narrow quarters.

Air Force Weather Station

An Air Force weather station was permanently mounted on vertically and horizontally positioned Hilman Rollers for easy placement with shifts in the polar ice cap.

Submarine Hull Testing Module – Explosion Tests

Eight Hilman Rollers were used to lower this submarine hull testing module into a tank for explosion tests.

Ship Transfer Cradles – U.S. Navy Minehunter

Hilman Rollers were built into transfer cradles to move a 188 ft., 890 ton U.S. Navy Minehunter from inside the building to the outdoor drydock.

Pre-Civil War Granite Wall – Navy Yard

A pre-Civil War granite wall at a Navy Yard was preserved when it was cut into six 114 ft. sections and moved intact on Hilman Rollers.

Automobile Manufacturer – Quick Die Change Carts

Hilman Rollers became a heavy duty conveyor for these quick die change carts at a major automobile manufacturer.

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