Material Flow Archives: Past Racking System Projects

Here’s a look inside some of Material Flow’s past racking system projects.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack - Boat Storage

Stromberg Rack Shelter Building – Lumber Yard

Stromberg Furniture 40′ foot High Storage System – Furniture Company
Stromberg Furniture Rack System

Stromberg Mezzanine / Bulk Rack Combination – Building Material Wholesaler

Stromberg Drive-In Racking – Cold Storage Facility – Termicold (Watsonville, California)

Stromberg Structural Cantilever Rack with roof – Large Lumber Yard

Case Flow Rack – United Grocer

Large Warehouse for Energy Company

Stromberg Cantilever Rack Building – Large Lumber Yard

Galvanized Structrual Storage Racking and Push Back Rack – Produce Distributor

Stromberg Boat Storage Rack – 20′ Spans – Cutty’s Boat Racks Portland

Material Flow Rack System

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