Conveyor Belting

Belts are used in both roller and slider bed conveyors.

    There are three general things that will determine the type of belt required:
    1. Characteristics of the commodity to be handled.
    2. Prevailing atmosphere conditions.
    3. Operations to be performed.
    When analyzing a belt, here are a few things that need to be considered:
    1. The fiber of which the belt is made of.
    2. Strength of the belt.

The two basic parts of the belt are the cover and the carcass.

    1. The top cover protects the carcass or lower portion of the belt. Some of the compounds used have resistance to many oils.
    A. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) – Resists mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal fat.
    B. Neoprene – basically resists all oils
    C. Polyurethane – resists oils and abrasions
    D. Silicone – resists cold and heat
    E. Teflon – resists sticky type materials
    F. Rubber
    2. The carcass is the fabric or corps which make up the strength of a belt. The carcass can be made of multiple plys or interwoven with various fabrics for added strength. These plys are made of various fabrics, mainly synthetic materials.

1. 3-ply white cotton – Best suited for lighter loads. Use on conveyors up to 50′ in length.

2. Black Friction Surface 120 – This type of belt is used on slider and roller bed conveyors. The carcass of this belt is an interwoven polyester impregnated with PVC, which allows for a minimum stretch factor. This type of belt doesn’t meet U.S.D.A. or F.D.A. approval. Temperature range is approximately 180° degrees max to -10° dry. Strength is 120 lbs / in. width.

3. IWP -3 (white or black) – This belt is best for oily or grease type conditions. It is constructed of interwoven polyester which is impregnated with nitrile. The three (3) means that the belt has three cords of polyester woven together. Strength is 90 lbs / in of width. This belt meets U.S.D.A. and F.D.A. approval. Temperature ranges from 175°F to 10°F prox.

4. IWP-3 PVC Cover – Same as no. 3, however this belt has a PVC cover which makes cleaning a little easier. Max temperature is 140°F

5. Hilltopper Type Belt – Works well on inclined and portable type conveyors. Not approved for U.S.D.A. or F.D.A. Temperature range 180°F to -10°F. Interwoven polyester impregnated with PVC with a PVC impression type surface. 120 lbs. / in of width strength.

6. 3-Ply Neoprene Rough Top Belt – Best for use for moving items with grease. 45 lbs. / in. width. Food handling is not recommended. 175°F to 10°F temperature range prox.

7. PVC-120 Bare Type Back (interwoven polyester impregnated with PVC cover on one side) – The belt is abuse and abrasion resistant. Poly cords resist cutting and destruction. 120 lbs. strength but doesn’t meet F.D.A. or U.S.D.A. approval; 180°F to -10°F temperature range.

8. Custom Belts – The above belts are but a few of the different belts available. There are hundreds of more options.

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