Conveyor Application

    • A. Drive Capacity on Live Load
      B. Static Capacity or Structural Capacity
  • A Conveyor has two capacities: 

    Both of these capacities should be checked to avoid overloading.

    Structural capacity is given in lbs. per linear foot.
    If cases are to be dropped on the conveyor, extra heavy rollers or a shock plate should be used at that point.

    Orientation on curve sections.
    Certain precautions should be taken, when boxes are traveling around curves, otherwise the boxes will not stay oriented. The reason for this is because the outside of the box must, in order to stay oriented, travel a greater distance.

    Conventional roller curves.
    A box will not exit the curve in the same position as it entered. Boxes going around tapered roller curves will maintain better orientation through the curve.

    Tapered rollers allow the outside of the box to travel the greater distance required to keep the box oriented. Skatewheel and split roller curves also allow boxes or cartons to stay oriented.

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