It’s An International Rack World

Rack and where it’s made is not as important as knowing the customers requirements and having a knowledgeable vendor. Of the twenty largest manufacturers of storage and material handling products in the world, none are owned in the United States. Most U.S. rack companies have been bought or changed hands at least two times in the last ten years. Of the three largest steel companies, none are U.S. owned.

The fact of the matter is where something is made is not as important as the person or company that sells it to you. Many material handling and storage products are price oriented. “What’s the bottom line,” not does the person selling to you make any sense.

Remember the following:

    1. A quality product misapplied = junk.
    2. A quality vendor with the wrong information on application = A bad job.
    3. Fact is today, many material handling salespeople are non professional and resort to bad mouthing competition and/or product rather than upgrading their own skills or product.
    4. Many customers don’t even know what their requires are. They go around a warehouse or plant waving their arms instead of making an outline to give to all the vendors.
    5. Bottom line, customers need to get everything down on paper and vendors have to prepare much better. If neither party does their homework, the results speak for themselves. No effort = bad results. 

Knowledge of a requirement and good preparation trump a brand name every time.

– Doug Stromberg

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