Application Information For Conveyors

Package Size Matters

Roller Conveyors – Box Width
The box width on roller conveyors should not exceed the width of the rollers.

Roller Centers
Rollers can be placed in a frame on various centers. As a rule of thumb there should be at least three rollers under a box. The most common roller center center is 3″. In that case the minimum box length would be 9″. Make sure to measure the smallest box which is to be placed on the conveyor.

Skatewheel Conveyors
Various skatewheel patterns are available. Make sure there is at least ten wheels minimum under the box.

Belt Conveyors
Cartons or boxes on belt conveyors shouldn’t exceed the overall width of the conveyor. Boxes that are in poor condition shouldn’t exceed the width of the belt. If they do exceed the belt width they will probably drag on the sides of the conveyor.

Curve Sections: Powered and gravity. A 2″ clearance must be maintained between the package corners and the outside radius. In order to maintain the 2″ rule it may necessitate the curves are wider than the straight sections.