Flexible Conveyors

Flexible conveyors are often the best conveyor choice for flexible warehouses, factories and distribution centers. Flexible conveyors offer a true return on investment because fewer workers accomplish more in less time. In a typical distribution center , the labor savings alone more than pays for the system. Flexible conveyors are also built to deliver lasting performance even in the punishing conditions often associated with shipping and receiving applications.

Many flexible conveyors will conveniently slide under your permanent conveyors when not in use. They then expand into the trailer for fast loading and unloading.

Applications: Innovative managers are realizing the benfits of fluid loading and unloading. Wherever possible these managers abandon their forklifts and pallets fro a fluid loading/unloading system. With fluid loading you utilize every square inch of your trailers, eliminating costly dead space wasted by pallets. It’s a great way to improve the efficiency of your business.

Cross Docking: Flexible Conveyors are also used in cross docking applications to move cartons from one truck to another or take-away conveyor for immediate routing to shipping.

Receiving at the Store Level: Flexible conveyors are ideal for loading and unloading at the dock door. But even if you do not have a loading dock a flexible conveyor can be used. A perpendicular leg option reach from ground level to the truck bed for easy loading and unloading.

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