Stacker Configurations

PowerStak: The Presto Powerstak is a high performance, fully powered stacker that offers significant performance advantages over manual stackers without a significant price premium. The PowerStak provides instant flexibility and versatility. Whether used as a dedicated stacker, or as a combination stacker/work positioner, or as a  transporter, it will provide a significant improvement in worker productivity. Its abundance of ergonomic features make it the safest, easiest to operate powered stacker available. Its sleek, stylish design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow the Powerstak to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments including:

  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Light Assembly Work Cells
  • Retail Sales Floors

Four PowerStak models are available to satisfy just about any requirement including servicing racks up to 10 feet high. Fork Over models can be used with open bottom pallets or skids and adjustable straddle units are available for use with any pallet style, even closed bottom.

Lift Stik Series: The Lift Stik is a highly versatile lifter/transporter that  has no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, so it can be used in light industrial, laboratory and even office applications.