The Basics of Mezzanine Decking


Decking provides the work surface of a mezzanine as well as providing the structural floor to carry the design load. There are three type of decking options. Solid, composite or open style. Each style has its own characteristics and features that influence performance and durability of a mezzanine floor.

Selection Factors:

1. Type and magnitude of loading.
A. Uniform
B. Concentrated
C. Dynamic

2. Types and extent of traffic.
A. Foot
B. Sliding (boxes, pallets, etc)
C. Rolling Wheels
D. Other

3. Environment (wet, corrosive, high or low temp. etc…)

4. Compliance with applicable local building, fire and safety codes.

5. Compatibility with existing structure and equipment.

6. Aesthetic preference.

7. Noise generation and transmission.

8. Cost

Solid Flooring Options

Solid flooring can be supplied in a variety of materials such as plywood, wood planking, steel floor plate, wood metal, composites, light weight concrete and metal planking. Sliding storage considerations as well as security, lighting, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, sound control and other concerns above or below the mezzanine may suggest the use of a solid deck surface. Walking and kneeling is more comfortable on a solid deck surface.

Plywood Flooring

Plywood may be applied directly to the joist framing members of the mezzanine provided the proper grade and thickness is selected. This type of floor will require closely spaced joist framing. Consideration should also be given to protection from abrasive or wheeled loads to guard against rolling shear and damage to the plywood.

Wood Plank Flooring

In this system the planking provides a working and wearing surface allows for somewhat greater spans than in the directly  applied plywood type flooring. The planks are applied directly to the joist framing members of the mezzanine. This type of flooring usually works well with heavy, concentrated or wheeled loads.

Wood/Metal Composite Floors

Composite flooring systems are built up using a subdeck underlayment of corrugated metal deck with the top deck working surface created from a variety of materials such as plywood or metal plate. The metal deck can provide structural strength to allow economical joist spacing and a good contact area for support of the top deck working surface.

The subdeck underlayment is available in a range of metal thicknesses and profiles for different loading and framing conditions. This product is visibly from the underside of the mezzanine and can offer excellent light reflectivity.

Plywood Over Corrugated Metal Deck

A very common type of flooring. It is solid, sturdy and may be suitable for many applications. Plywood of all grades and thickness is available and can include various specially laminated surfaces of metal, synthetics, or abrasives at additional cost.

Steel Floor Plate on Corrugated Metal Deck

This traditional system provides a heavy duty floor. It is appropriate for pallet jack operation and other applications that  require abrasion and/or skid resistance. These steel plates products are commonly referred to as diamond plate, checkered plate and flat plate.

Solid Metal Plank Flooring

These narrow (6″ to 12″ wide) formed metal sections provide an integrated surface. They are relatively lightweight for ease in installation and are available in longer lengths than most deck materials. Point or impact loading should be considered when selecting this deck type.

Open Deck Options

Open type decking can be used where light, sound, air or sprinkler water passage is required. This need has a traditionally been filled by various types of grating. In general, open rung or ventilated products may be less accommodating to wheeled traffic than solid floor types.

Formed Metal Plank Grating

This system has characteristics similar to the solid metal planking, except that the top surface is open in either a steel rung or reticulated hole pattern. Either opening type can be manufactured with a smooth or highly slip resistant surface.

Steel Bar Grating

This is an open rectangular steel bar grid system available in large panels. The grid dimensions and bar sizes may be varied to satisfy a wide range of use, span and loading conditions. Bar grating can offer good resistance to wear, and provides up to 80% open area for heat, light, and air transfer. It can be supplied in a painted or galvanized finish.

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