Roach Conveyors

Roach Conveyor offers 100 models in 39,000 sizes which are available for 24 hour shipment from their facility in Northeast Arkansas.

Here are just some of the models we have for 24 hour shipment.  A common myth is if you purchased one brand of conveyor you must keep buying  that brand for replacement parts, rollers or add on system components. So if you have purchased Hytrol, Rapistan,  Bushman, Alvey, Matthews, Versa, Interlake, Omni or any other conveyor and don’t like their delivery give Material Flow a call at 1-800-338-1382.

1. Trough Bed Belt Conveyor Model 250TB
2. Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor – Model 350SB
3. Medium Duty Box Style Slider Bed Conveyor Model 350 BSB
4. Medium Duty Roller Bed Belt Conveyor Model 196 RB
5. Roller Bed Inclined Floor to Floor Conveyor – #196RBF
6. Slider Bed Inclined Floor to Floor Belt Conveyor #350SBF
7. Heavy Duty Roler Belt Conveyor #251RB
8. Medium Duty Belt Drive Live Roller Curve #196LRC
9. Medium Duty Curve Spur #196LRCS
10. Medium Duty Cam Adjusted Live Roller #196CALR
11. Medium Duty Cam Adjusted Live Roller #2251 CALR
12. Medium Duty Belt Drive Liver Roller #196LR
13. Medium Duty Variable Pressure Live Roller Accumulator
14. Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor #796LS
15. Line Shaft Driven Curve Module#796LSC
16. Line Shaft DrivenCrossover#796LSX
17. Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor #251CDLR
18. Power Accessories – Motors, Belting, Turning Wheels
19. Pneumatic Roller and Blade Stops
20. Take ups, center drives
21. End drives and take ups
22. Intermediate Bed Sections
23. Rail Wheel Conveyors
24. Replacement Skatwheels
25. Rail Wheel Conveyors
26. Gravity Wheel Conveyor – Steel and Aluminum Type
27. 1 3/8″ gravity roller conveyors – Steel and Aluminum Type
28. Roller Curve Sections – 90 and 45 Degree Curves
29. 1.9″ Diameter Roller Conveyors – Steel and Galvanized
30. 1.9″ Diameter Roller Covneyors – 12 Gauge, 9 Gauge, Straight and Curved
31. 2.5 Diameter Roller Conveyor 14 Gauge, 11 Gauge, Straight and Curved
32. 2 9/16″ Diameter x 7 Gauge
33. 3 1/2″ x 9 Gauge Roller Conveyors
34. 21 /2 Roller Conveyors
35. Ball Transfer Tables
36. Gravity Accessories
37.. Gate Sections & Conveyor Support Guardrails
38. Rollers (Replacement)

If you don’t see what you want call us at 1-800-338-1382, chances are we can help you with on of the other brands we represent.