How to Design a Storage Area

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Design your storage system from the inside out or another way to put it is the function to the reality.

If you look at many warehouses the beams are all at the same levels and the aisles are 12′ to accomodate the lift trucks. Don’t buy your lift truck befor you determine what you are trying to accomplish. You must consider the following:

1. Do you have a new building? If so design your storage system before you build it. Most poeple go to architects which in turn design  the same old building. The column turn spacing can easily get in the way. Why not design your storage area and flow patteren and THEN tell the archictect to put the building columns where they are not in the way. In other words, plan and then do more planning. What you put in on the front end pays dividend laters.

2. Do you have an existing building? If so design similar to above and then adapt the building columns and any other obstructions.

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