How Metro Wire has Helped Others


Solectron is a contract circuit board manufacturer located in Milpitas, California.  The company depends on efficiency and cost effectiveness to successfully manufacture quality products. When Solectron was looking for a new cart to handle storage  and transportation needs for circuit boards, they turned to Metro for a custom solution. Although lowering costs was an issue, they also wanted an innovative solution.


Solectron requested a cart to safely hold conductive 18” x 26” trays (an industry standard) for larger and unconventional shaped circuit boards. It was essential that the spacing between slides measure 1.75” to accommodate the taller components on the board. Also, since Solectron builds over 250 different circuit boards, they require a storage system that is universal to all assemblies. Another important feature of the cart was height. Workers are seated when using the cart and trays, and extending past a certain height could create potential problems with dropping products and jeopardize quality.

Solectron was familiar with Metro products and looked to Commercial Products Representative Rick Soulsby and Mark Daniels of Commercial Products Dealer Marshall Industries to recommend a solution. They customized the standard RE1 Metro cart and presented it to Solectron. Says Operations Manager Ken Stuart, “We were completely satisfied with the product and the outstanding service. Rick and Mark went above and beyond our requirements. This easy to maneuver, light cart provides us with a secure platform to hold our circuit boards.”

Metro Wire has been the world ‘s leading manufacturer of storage and transport solutions in Commercial Products, Foodservice, Healthcare and Consumer Products.  Metro has been supplying its customers with new and imaginative solutions that put “space to work” in a world that thrives on change.

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