Specialty Conveyors

700SBW Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

700SBW Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor


Roach wire mesh belt conveyors can be used in a variety of conditions to convey hot, cold or oily
products in oven, cooling or other special conditions. Numerous cooling, drying, or spraying opeations can be performed on these


Vertical Conveyors are an ideal alternative for conveying product from floor-to-floor or to a combination of levels.  In tight quarters, a ROACH vertical conveyor saves valuable plant floor space by eliminating long inclines.  Continuous vertical conveyors maximize product flow rates with a possible load every 2 seconds.  Where high load rates are not required, reciprocating vertical conveyors are an economical alternative.  A reciprocating unit includes a single carrier platform which moves from designated load/unload positions to transfer product.


Slat conveyors are ideal for assembly and production line applications where product moves through a number fo work areas or work stations at slow rat of speed.  It’s design enables it to convey intermixed, unstable and irregular shaped products with ease.  Slat conveyors are commonly used in the furniture appliance manufacturing industry and in other related fields.


Chain drag conveyors convey heavy unit loads and often are suited for products with unusual conveying characteristics such as pallets, specialty tote pans, or virtually any type container not suited for transporting on roller or belt.  Chain drag units may be manufactured with three, four, or more strands of chain; however, most common are those units wth two strands of chain.  Therfore, a unit with #80 chain with three strands of chain would be referred to as model CD380, four strands CD480. A unit with #60 chain and two strands of chaind, model CD260, etc.


Roach Conveyors provides  numerous units to sort package, distribute or warehouse.  A flite sortation unit, model FS150, offers the ultimate in package sortation with 150 sorts per minute capability.  A brake metering belt is used to pull gap between packages for the flite sorter.  A series of padded “shoes” moves accorss dense-packed rollers driven by dual strands of chain to carry product to one of a number of spur lines for distribution.  WHen lesser rates are required, sjewed wheel diverters (model sd60) economically offe rates as high as 60 sorts per minute.  Here, a pneumatic cylinder raises the diverting wheels above the top-of-roller elevation to transfer packages.  The wheels are powered bu high strength urethane bands.  High speed dorters (modelHSS2, or “pushers”) deliver 35 sorts per minute when sorting onto perpendicular lines.  Consult factory to determin which sortation unit is best suited for your specific application.


Turntables offer flexibility when an object must be re-positioned or orientation changed.  Indexing powered turntables, model IPT, are ideal in heavy duty applications.  These turntables often have coneyor (usually chain driven when powered) mounted to the top 1/2″ steel carrying plate.  Objects may be rotated 180 degrees or full 360 degrees for plastic wrapping of product, for example.  Model CRT, continuous rotation turntables, generally convey light weight products in tight quarters where a full 180 degree curve cannot fit.  Package orientation will most likely change or be affected to some degree when using a continuous rotation unit.  This unit is used primarily for light and light-medium duty applications.  ALso available are manual turntables with sections of gravity conveyor attached to turntable top.