Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Chain driven live roller conveyors are specifically designed to convey heavy loads or pallets for transferring, loading, or unloading. These conveyors are especially suited for carrying loads in oily conditions and may be adapted for their use in washdown applications, freezers, ovens and in the presence of contaminates. Remember that special provisions are required when placing ANY conveyor in such hazardous environments. Modifications such as zinc-plating or galvanizing of rollers and/or frames, special bearings or modified grease bearings or special gearmotors may be required. Always consult Material Flow in such applications for guidance. Use roller-to-roller chain driven live rollers for very heavy loads such as filled drums, frequent start/stop situations and reversible applications involving heavy loads. Roller-to-roller driven units also provide an overall lower unit elevation since no underneath mounted chain take-up mechanism is required. When continuous loading approaches 100 lbs./ft. use a single strand type chain driven live roller unit.

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