Conveyor Safety Guidelines


A gravity conveyor bracket should always be used when connecting power conveyors to gravity conveyor to eliminate hazardous pinch or “nip” points. Always use gravity connector bracket with pop out roller to permanentely attach any gravity conveyor with pop out roller to permanentely attach any gravity conveyor to power conveyor. This simple connection eliminates hazardous pinch points that would otherwise exist by attaching a gravity conveyor directly to a powered belt unit.

Connector brackets are supplied as an optional component and are readily available. Present unit serial number and gravit model number (including width) when calling to order safety connector brackets, model CB.

Safety Pop Out Rollers

Inclusion of safety pop out rollers is an integral, critical design feature of belt driven live roller conveyors. The upper flange of the conveyor frame is slotted for rollers to “pop-out” of the frame if, for example, a hand became loadged in the tread rollers. This safety design must be included on units installed under 7′ top of roller elevation. If the unit is installed 7′ top of roller elevation and above (ceiling supported, etc. ) this pop out design must be eliminated. Rollers are retained in the frame by a “roller hold down angle” or they may be retained by a formed angle guard rail with 1 1/2″ flange width. Consult Material Flow for more information.

Safety Instructions

Do not operate conveyor with protective guards removed. This includes chain guards, belt guards, snub roller guards, center drive guards, line shaft guards and any other safety guard.

Do not walk, ride, climb or touch moving parts on a conveyor in operation.

Do not wear loose clothing or uncovered hair around conveyor.

Do not work near conveyor without knowing how  & where to shut off power.

Do not remove jammed product with conveyor running.

Do not replace parts or perform maintenance on conveyor, or moving conveyor parts, without first shutting OFF power to conveyor.

Do not connect gravity to powered conveyor without safety gravity connector brackets.

To prevent electrical shock, conveyor must be grounded, and have proper electrical connections in accordance with federal, state, and local codes.

Safety pop out rollers in conveyors installed above 7′ elevation must be retained by guard rail, clips, etc… Safety pop out rollers must be allowed to pop out when conveyors are installed at or below 7′ elevation.

It is the responsibility of conveyor end-user to comply with all safety standards including OSHA and other federal, state, and local codes or regulations. Placement of guards and other safety equipment in accordance with safety  standards is dependent upon the specific application and must be installed whenever appropriate.