Choosing the Right Hamilton Caster


It’s important to select the casters and wheels that will do your job best. In this way you can be sure of getting top performance without spending a whole bunch of money and equally important, selecting the right wheel or caster will save money in the long run by heading off downtime, excessive maintenance costs, and premature replacement. Wheels and casters are offered in various shapes and sizes, this is so that you will be able to choose the correct caster for your needs. For original equipment manufacturers, it can mean the difference between enhancing the mobility and life of a product… or inviting unhappy customers with every sale.

Here are some things to consider.


Capacity: What will the maximum load be? Do not forget to add the weight of the vehicle as well. Does the possibility of overload, shock loading, or poor floors call for a safety factor? Because of varying conditions and differing corporate philosophies, capacity ratings may differ from one manufacturer to the other and should never be used in place of specifications for making comparisons.


Floor Conditions: What are the floors going to be like? Are they smooth or rugged?  Must elevator sills, railroad tracks or dock plates be traversed? Are there cracks or harmful substances on the floor? And don’t forget about floor protection. In general, resilient wheels are required for rough floors or power-towed equipment.

Operating Environment: Is noise an issue? Are water, oil, grease, chemicals or temperature extremes present? Special lubricants can be provided, as well as special bearings or sealed bearings. Frequent movement demands longer-wearing components than occasional movement.

Rollability: If loads are to be pushed manually, select the largest practical wheel diameter, anti-friction bearings, and the kind of wheel that will start and roll easiest over the surface in question. On smooth floors, the harder the tread the easier it will roll. Conversely, soft tread wheels-desirable for rough floors, outdoor use, or for cushioning loads-can be difficult to push manually under heavy loads.


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