Tire Conveyors

Tires often require special conveyors. Here is a rundown on several types of tire conveyors.

Tire Rotating Conveyor

Tire Rotation Conveyor: With this conveyor  a tire is positioned on the tire rotation conveyor to receive its protective whitewall coating.  The tire is spun by a powered face diverter, pneumatically actuated.  A pneumatic cylinder moves the powered face diverter assembly into position as shown below.  Finally, the diverter assembly is powered by an electric gearmotor which in turn delivers circular motion to the tire.

Tire Conveyor with Pneumatic Lift

Tire Conveyor with Pneumatic Lift: With this conveyor  a tire is centered on belt driven live roller conveyor  with a dual-side pneumatically actuated roller positioner (diverter) which also acts as a “stop” for the tire.  Once the tire is centered and held on the live roller conveyor, the dual-side positioner releases the tire onto the discharge section of the live roller which features a pneumatically actuated lift section.  The lift section raises the tire to a second elevation for other tire manufacturing operations.  Once completed, the tire is lowered to its original position and conveyed off of the live roller conveyor.  Process repeats.  This was commonly referred to by the tire manufacturer as the “green tire spray booth”.

Spiral Tire Conveyor

Spiral Line Shaft Drive Tire Inverter: During tire manufacturing process, tires may have to be inverted or “flipped”.   For many years, Roach has designed and manufactured conveyors to facilitate this process.  In the photo above, Roach model 196LS line shaft driven live roller, is designed to flip tires with this modified line shaft conveyor.  Special galvanized channel guard rails with skate wheels attached to both guard rail flanges are located on the lower side of this special conveyor.

Floor to Floor Conveyor

Floor to Floor Conveyors: Floor to floor conveyors are excellent for tire storage applications. Don’t carry heavy tires up stairs to the top level, convey them!

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