Pallet Rack History

Rack Systems

As recent as 1900 items and products were stored haphazardly on the floor or on top of other material. This was acceptable until space and time became more of an issue. Racks were developed to answer the need for more storage space. Engineers figured out that racks could store four times the amount of material in far less space.  Rack has come a long way since then and the height of rack structure is now only limited by the equipment used to store and retrieve the material.

While the terms shelving and rack are often used interchangeably there is a difference between the two. Racks are designed to store palletized, containerized or large unit loads typically placed by handling equipment such as fork trucks, stackers etc…

Industrial storage racks are classified into two basic types.

1. Stationary Racks
Selective Pallet Racks
Drive In and Drive Thru Racks
Stacker Racks
Cantilever Racks
Pallet Flow Racks
Package Flow Racks

2. Portable Racks
– Pallet Stacking Frames
– Unitized Portable Racks
– Special Purpose Racks