Shelving Terms


Closed Shelving: Sides and back of the unit are enclosed with stheet steel side and back panels.

Open Shelving: Sides and back of units are open. Various type of bracing are used to stabilize the unit.

Ledge Type Shelving: A shelving unit that accommodates two different depths of shelves. Larger shelves are placed at the bottom and the unit is stepped back with smaller shelves on top. The step back forms a ledge across the face of the shelf. The shelving may be either open or closed type. In some instances, a ledge unit can be added to a regular shelving unit.

Counter Type Shelving: A waist high shelving unit incorporating a heavy duty smooth top work surface. May be open or closed style.

Shelf Dividers: A formed steel partition placed within the shelf opening to subdivide it into smaller compartments. A variety of vertical type dividers are available. Dividers can also be used in a horizontal position to provide a divider shelf.

Label Holders: A formed strip returned on both edges for the insertion of labels to identify contents of shelf. They attach to the front or rear downward flange of a shelf.

Service Aisle: The area in front of a unit or row of units required to service (pick or place stock into our out of the shelving unit).

Sloping Shelf: Designed to attach to the front and rear posts so the horizontal plane of the shelf may be tilted downward in the front to rear direction.

Shelf Clips: A formed steel piece that provides for attachments of shelves to posts without the use of nuts and bolts.

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