Pallet Rack Hazards


Misalignment of Racks: To prevent misalignment of racks adhere  to manufacturer’s installation drawings and specifications. Connections should be checked done on the vertical plane to make sure that rack is properly aligned from front to back.

Improper Beam Installation: The solution to this problem is periodic inspection of all beam connections. It is also important to verify the initial installation with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Inadequate Clearances: Use the clearance specifications provided by the manufacturer. Make sure there is enough room to clear the front and back beams so that it can be withdrawn safely. Also make sure the truck radii for entrance and exit is large enough.

Improper Aisle Width: Refer back to the original drawings of the manufactuerer’s designs and the original layouts of the racks at installation and verify the consistency of the pallet load to the beam spacing to the aisle width; also, determine what size the aisle was designed  to accomodate the particular material handling equipment and inadequate load-to-load dimensions for a new truck.

Dislodgement of Accessories: Have a professional maintenance program that requires checking of fasteners and verifying that all loose accessories, cradles, and materials are indeed on the rack structures in the way prescribed by the manufacturer.

Spillage of Goods or Overloading: Care should be sure that loads are intact and bound by plastic wrap or placed in bins. Inspect rack items to make sure that there are no packages hanging out. Spilled material should be picked up at once.

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