Installing a LO-Dock Dock Leveler

The Bluff LO-Dock Dock Leveler is the perfect solution to the nagging low dock problem. With this unit you can raise the height of your dock without any concrete work or renovation.  Regardless of your dock height, it can be raised to a proper level that fits your operation without expensive installation costs.

It may be tempting to just use a ramp that “works” but this usually creates an incorrect grade which requires forklift operators to use high speed and can result in load spills, equipment damage, injuries or unwanted trailer movement; not a good idea.

The LO-Dockleveler can raise dock height by as much as 9 inches. It is available in many combinations and features easy no weld installation to concrete docks.

Installation: Start the installation by anchoring the unit ramp plate using 1/2 inch flat head cap screws into the 9/16 inch countersunk holes near the beveled edge. The last step is to anchor the LO-Dock hinge plate to face of dock with thirteen 3/4 inch anchor bolts. Now the LO-Dock is ready to provide years of dependable service.