Wheel Chocks for Industrial Use


Wheel chocks are definitely one of those precautionary measures that you think you never need and then you only realize you need them when they’re not there and your car rolls away.

Wheel chocks are a relatively inexpensive investment for your safety and the safety of others. Anyone who’s shopped for chocks knows there are a few of varieties of options available on the market. Here at Material Flow we have a large variety of Wheel Chocks to choose from that best suit your needs.

Wheel chocks come in many different shapes and out of different materials. All are inclined planes which, if used correctly, should perform the job. Since all chocks provide a hill for a wheel to climb if it wants to roll, it doesn’t matter if it’s one inch or one yard high. That lack of difference pertains only to a perfect wheel, though, and tires are not perfect wheels as they can change their shape. Tires aren’t rigid, so a tire can bend around a small enough chock and continue on its roll downhill. In the case of selecting a wheel chock for tires, the bigger the better.

The type of vehicle you have and tire you plan on chocking also make a difference in the hock you choose. Heavy, off-road tires used on large equipment like excavators and grading equipment require a different chock than your family sedan. Check the package to find out what kind of vehicle the chocks you’re purchasing were designed to accommodate.

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