Genie Super Tower

Genie Lift Super Tower

Lifts and supports lighting systems, sound systems and stage scenery.

The ST-20 and ST-25 are the ideal stage hands. These two models are the perfect tool for lifting and supporting sound systems, stage scenery and lighting systems.

The Super Towers can be used asa  single unit, or tow or can be used together to support trusses spanning the stage.

Set up is easy: Just install the outriggers and set the leveling jacks.

Load Stability: The hand winch locks the load in place to ensure loading stability when the handle is released.

Easy to transport: In a stowed position these Super Towers are easy to transport with no bulky base to get in the way.

These units come standard with a flat black anodized finish so that they are nearly invisible to an audience. The ST-20 lifts 800 lbs. to 19′-6″ and the ST-25 lifts 650 lbs. to 24′-4″. The compact base is 22″ x 25 1/4″ in the stowed position.

In addition you have the option of one or two speed winches, load platforms or fork extensions.

For more information on these fine units go to or call Material Flow and Conveyor Systems at 1-800-338-1382.