Genie SLC Lifts


Genie SLC Lifts are some of the finest manually operated lifts on the market today. The SuperLift Contractor is an ideal tool for construction firms and every kind of contractor.

Genie manufactures three different lifts. The SLC-12, SLC-18 and SLC-24. The lift heights range all  the way from 11′-2″ to 24′. These lifts are used by contractors, maintenance people and industrial users alike. here are just a few of the uses for these lifts.

1. Electrical maintenance and installation.
2. HVAC mainetance and install.
3. General Roof Maintenance
4. School and Hospital Maintenance
5. Warehouse and plant Maintenance
6. Any place lifting is required. Up to 650 lbs. on a 14″ load center.

The standard features are: A heavy duty design, yet lightweight and very portable.  Quick setup requires no tools; loads easily into a pickup or truck for transporting. The units have rear transport wheel assemblies. The casters are 4″ in the front and 5″ the rear with side brakes. a hold down bar holds the mast assembly in place during transport.

For more information go to or call Material Flow and Conveyor Systems at 1-800-338-1382.