Wesley Pallet Jacks

Wesley High Capacity Pallet Mules

Wesley International has been in the material handling field for over forty years. They build a wide variety of pallet trucks and electric utility vehicles.

The following is a list of Wesley’s many fine products.

1. Standard Pallet Truck: 5000 and 5500 lb. capacity, these pallet trucks are all American made. Pallet Mule offers the largest combination of standard size pallet trucks in the industry (over 36) Some of their features are a one piece ductile iron pump, polyurethane on aluminum hub steering and load wheels. (standard

2. Lowered Height Pallet Trucks: 1 3/4″, 2″ and 2 1/2″. These units feature solid 1″ x 3″ steel push rods ste in 6 1/8″ wide forks which allows 6,000 lbs. of lift from as low as 2″ off the floor.

3. Special Pallet Mules: Offer special widths, lengths and fork capacity, maximum length is 144″, minimum length is 24″, maximum width is 72″, minimum width is 14″/

4. Wesley also builds a complete line of corrosion resistant pallet trucks in 5000, 6000,. 6500 capacities. These trucks are ideal for cold storage, freezers, fish, poultry and meat processing. Zinc plated stainless steel components and 15 grease inserts make this unit perfect for use in wet and corrosive environments.

5. Four Way Entry Pallet Trucks: These trucks are designed for easy entry into a standard GMA 40″ x 48″ pallet. Four Way Pallet Mule’s come with standard 1 3/4″ steel load wheels. These units have super strong frames that can be customized to your pallet requirements.

6. Single Fork Pallet Trucks: 3000 lb. capacity. These units are designed to lift and move loads where the fork opening is as narrow as the 6 1/2″. A number of units are availab.e

7. Skid Trucks: 5000 to 10,000 lb. capacity.  The Pallet Mule skid trucks are made with one piece solid decks in four width and any even number length between 24″ and 96″. Lowered heights are 5″, 6″, 7″ , 8″ , 9″ and 10″.

8. Roll and Reel Trucks: These units are designed to pick up, transport and set down your specific rolled materials, angled forks cradle the materials. This truck can be designed to handle up to 10000 lb roller reels.

9. Extended Use Pallet Trucks: These trucks are 6000 to 6500 lb. capacity. They have heavy duty handles, frames, push roads and reinforced bracing.

10. Optional Equipment: Grease fittings,  steel wheels, random load wheels, brakes, load back rests, load stabilizer bars, skid adapters.

11. Wesley also manufactures a fine line of electric utility vehicles.