How to Select a Rack Vendor

Rack System

The following checklist can help you select a rack vendor.

– Knowledge: does he or she have any?

– Salespersons attitude toward Competition: If all they do is bad mouth the other vendors or brands you have the wrong rack vendor.  Most companies or sales people that do that have nothing to add to the sale. If everything is negative you have the wrong company.

– How long has your salesperson been in the industry, what about the company?

– Have you seen their facility, stock or met other people at their company?

– Do they get back to you with answers?

– Has the salesperson ever installed or designed racking? Does their company install rack or do they sub it out?

– Does the person represent a companythat specializes in storage systems or is it a side line because their main sales goal is lift trucks?

– Does the company  or salesperson do or make layouts, suggestions, rack protection selections or alternative?

– Do they do safety or maintenance inspections on their systems?

– Does the company stock the racking they are selling? Doe they offer fabrication?

– Is their rack interchangeable with others in your market?

– Does the company know building codes? Do they get permits?

– Is your rack quality, ie certified steel and welding?

– Last but not least; Did they present a fair price? Did they add anything else to the requirement other than price?

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