Line Shaft Horsepower Data

Since many sections and accessories may be coupled to one drive, it is important that the motor be properly sized for each application. The table below may be used as a general guide to selection of drive motor sizes for typical installations.


When powered accessories are added to straight sections, the maximum allowable length must be adjusted. The table below  lists horsepower required for various accessories. Factors that are important to power requirements include the number of rollers per foot, the total length of straight sections, the number and type of powered accessories and the desired speed of the conveyor.


Roller Centers

The number of rollers required per package is dependent upon package weight, package length, drive capacity per roller and type of surface.  The package forumulas below should be used to determine the maximum allowable roller centers. Use the lesser of two values rounded to the nearest standard roller centers. Finally only use model 738LS for light duty applications where close roller centers are required.


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