How to Select Pallet Rack


Selecting pallet rack is not as hard as it seems, just follow the steps below when choosing rack.

Frame Capacity: Add total weight of all pallets for each bay (excludes pallets on floor).

Height: Measure all verticals including height of pallet load, beam height add 4″ clearance between top of load and bottom of beam above. Top beam should be a minimum of 6″ less than maximum lift height of your forklift.

Depth: Pallet should overhang frame by 3″ front and back. (48″ pallet, use 42″ deep frame). Deduct 6″ from pallet depth. Pallets need to be in good condition.

Width: Measure width of pallet, add a minimum of 3″ pallet to frame clearance and 4″ between pallets to determine correct beam length. Each pair of beams must support weight of pallets per level. Add-on sections require only one additional frame and required number of beams.