Flexible Conveyor Solutions


Suppose that you need to move some product through an aisle around a stationary object, then down to shipping. But tomorrow you’ll need a straight line conveyor at the head of an assembly line for parts inspection… What’s your solution?

Best Flex Portable Conveyors

– Set up in any location, right away.
– Conform to  virtually any layout – move stock up or down inclines, around objects.
– Self-tracking wheels.
– Telescoping legs adjust at twist of knob.
– Fully collapsible; can be expanded to 4 times its contracted length.

Create banked turns, different height and pitch ratios, gravity flows, the possibilites are endless! Simple bend the conveyor at any point to create turns thatn can be tightened down to a 22″ radius. (Distance between axles at full extension: 5″ ) Built as much for strength as for flexibility, with heavy duty steel legs, galvanized tie rods and heavy gauge steel side plates.

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