Conveyor Checklist


Before selecting a conveyor for purchase fill out the conveyor checklist. It will help in gathering information so equipment is properly quoted.

Don’t know what type of conveyor you need? Just fill out this form and and fax it to our sales department.

How will the item be moved? __ Gravity or Manually __ Powered Belt __ Powered Rollers.

What is being moved? __ Box __ Skid __ Bag __ Bundle __ Other_______________

What height above the floor should the belt rollers be? ___ Inches

Does the product have a smooth, flat bottom, ___, or runners ___, or other _____________?

Is the bottom hard or soft? ______

If the product has runners are they Parallel ____ or Perpendicular ____ to their direction of travel.

What are the sizes of the goods being conveyed?

Maximum Length ___ Width ___ Weight

Minimum Length ___ Width ___ Weight

What is the MAXIMUM total weight on each conveyor? ___ lbs.

How fast does the conveyor need to run? ___ FPM

Will the conveyor have a Fixed ___ or Variable ___ speed?

How many hours per day will the conveyor run? ___

Does the conveyor need to run in two directions? ___

How is the product loaded? Hand ___ Lift Truck ___ Crane ___

How is the product unloaded? Hand ___ Lift Truck ___ Crane ___

What is the voltage available to run the conveyor? ___ VAC ___ PHASE

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