Pneumatic Diverter

Conveyor diverters can be selected on a wide variety of factors including sorts per minute, space, package size and cost.

Pneumatic or manual diverters are excellent for areas with low rates of sorts.  These work best with live roller conveyors but can be used on belt conveyors if the package isn’t over 20 lbs. These diverters are not recommended for anything beyond 20 sorts per minute.

90 Degree Side Mounted Push Off Diverters are air operated and come in a  variety of capacities.  Use with a belt conveyor is preferred for higher speeds since timing may be critical for accurate sorting. With a push of diverter, the push off must function fast enough so it will actuate and return before the next box. Box spacing and speed must be factored into this system.  It is also important to remember that high speed diverters place high pressure on boxes and are capable of damaging packages if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Pivoting flush mount diverters can work best with a live roller conveyor. These units will divert up to 100 lbs. at a rate of 40 cycles/minute maximum.

Pop up wheel diverters are like pivoting diverters. The only problem with pop up wheel diverters is  that when the wheels are withdrawn a small exists that may not let smaller packages pass by.  Heavy duty models are available and reduce the frequency of this problem. Poor quality boxes do not work well with this style of diverter.

Sliding Diverters use plastic pushers mounted between  the rollers to push boxes off the main conveyor on to a spur. This style diverter will handle over 100 sorts/minute with a package weight of 50 lbs. or more.

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