Conveyors Used in Sorting


Many different types of conveyors can be used for sorting.

Belt Conveyors: Belt Conveyors allow packages to get from one place to another in a specific time frame. One thing to think about with belt conveyors is belt tracking. Pushing a box off a conveyor belt can affect belt tracking.

Live Roller: Live roller conveyors sort packages by reading them using a photo eye sensor. Belt tracking is not a problem with live rollers because the belt is below the rollers.

The type of conveyor diverted onto is determined by the number of sorts, box type, cost or whatever other criteria makes sense for the application.

Spur or Spur with Curve with Plow: Typically used when diverting boxes with Live Roller Conveyors. This unit can be gravity or powered.  Gravity is cheaper but requires a certain amount of pitch. Power assures a positive take-away. Boxes remain properly orientated when transferring.

Perpendicular Transfers: 90 Degree Transfers can be made off a belt, roller or gravity conveyor. Perpendicular Transfers can operate at speeds past 60 cycles per minute, however package orientation cannot be maintained.

Parallel Transfers: Parallel Transfers are best for boxes and packages being sorted at a high rate of speed. All boxes remain properly oriented and the box has a wide area to be diverted to.