Specialty Carts


Carts are one of the most useful tools in material handling. Instead of lifting and carrying heavy items it’s much easier to just roll them. While shelf trucks, service and stock carts work for most items somtimes it helps to have a specialty cart designed for a specific purpose.  Here’s a rundown on some specialty carts.

Mattress Carts: Anyone who’s ever moved a mattress knows it’s no fun. Mattresses are bulky and awkward to carry.  Material Flow carries mattress carts for pillow-top and standard mattresses.

Drywall Trucks: Drywall is heavy and hard to carry, a Drywall cart makes moving drywall easy.

Luggage Carts: Luggage carts get the job done in style. Perfect for hotels and airports.

Panel Movers: Panel Movers make moving plywood, doors and sheet rock easy.