Improving Efficiency with Extendable Conveyor


For high volume shipping and receiving environments, efficiency is crucial. One of the best products for this application is Best Reach Conveyor. Best Reach Conveyor allows extended automated loading  and unloading all the way into the  nose of trailers.  By ditching fork lifts and pallets and using fluid unloading/loading system, every inch of a trailer is used. Another benefit of Best Reach Conveyors is the electronic product flow controls.  This technology gives true zero-pressure accumulation so cartons don’t push against each other as they move to the end of the line.  A special indexing feature spaces cartons evenly for accurate bar code reading and easier handling.

Best Reach and Best Flex Conveyors offer a high return on investment because fewer workers accomplish more in less time. In a typical distribution center, the labor savings alone pays for the system. Best Conveyors are designed to withstand the most punishing conditions.

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