Wesley Pallet Mule®: America’s Pallet Jack

Wesley All American Pallet Mule

Photo by Scott Bryant

As you can see in the photo above, the Wesley All American Pallet Mule® has been put to very good use around the Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. facility in Donald, Oregon.

However, in today’s economy, the decision to buy American is often overlooked to save a little money. That is why the Wesley All American Pallet Mule® is a great option to both support our country’s economy and save a little money.

These rugged, durable pallet jacks are some of the best in the business. Why not support a solid US made product? Choosing the right pallet jack means making sure you are looking at the features carefully. Be sure to note load weights and both raised and lowered heights when considering purchasing your pallet jack. Because a hasty decision can result in the wrong jack.

Lets examine some of the features listed on Wesley’s website:

Known for its rugged durability, our classic Standard All-American Pallet Mule® is built to last. Heavier and more durable, even our standard model is an upgrade over the industry’s standard pallet trucks. The articulating axle ensures proper load balance on uneven surfaces while the solid-cast push rod gives you stronger lifetime durability and easy maneuverability. Once you own an authentic Pallet Mule, it’s the only pallet truck you’ll ever want.

  • One-piece rebuildable ductile iron pump
  • Solid 1″ x 3″ square solid push rod
  • 3 position fingertip release lever—Raise, lower, neutral
  • 2.9 lowered height
  • 7.5″ raised height
  • 6″ fork width
  • Polyurethane wheels on aluminum cast hubs
  • 2 7/8″ x 4″ load wheels
  • 7 1/4″ x 2″ articulating steer wheels
  • 6 sizes — any combination of 3 standard lengths (48″, 42″, 36″) and 2 standard widths (27″, 21″)
  • 5500 lbs. maximum capacity

Be sure to note length of forks and width, as these are important details.

By purchasing a Wesley All American Pallet Mule®, you not only guarantee yourself a great pallet jack, you also are doing your country a great service by supporting a product made here in the USA!