Conveyor Belt Stretch


New conveyor belt always stretches. The easiest way to solve this problem is to move the tail pulley. Moving the tail pulley “takes up” the belt stretch. To do this simply locate the the “take-up” screws on both sides of the conveyor. Move the screws out slowly and make sure you move them the same amount on both sides. This will keep the belt tight.

If the take-up screws are all the way out and the belt is not tight move the take-up screws in as far as you can. Then remove the Dutchman (short peice of belt. ) Once you’ve done this start teh “take up” all over again.

What causes a belt to stretch?

1. Everyday use will cause a belt to strectch after a while.
2. Dry climate. Inversely, a wet climate will make a belt shrink.

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