Custom Pallet Jacks


Many times a standard pallet jack just won’t cut it. Perhaps your inventory is oddly shaped, sized or is extremely heavy. To help find a pallet jack that meets your needs answer the following questions.

– How much does the object weigh, including the pallet?
– What are the dimensions of the pallet or platform that it’s on (if any)? What is the width and length of the pallet? What is the width and height of the fork openings? How far apart are they?
– How will the pallet be accessed once it’s in place? Do you need to enter it from all four sides, two sides, or one side only?
– How high is the entry point from the floor?
– What is the maximum height the object can be from the floor when the pallet truck is lowered?
– What are the environmental conditions (Are you working in wet or sterile conditions?)

With this information, Material Flow can find or have one of our skilled manufacturers build a pallet jack or pallet truck that is specifically designed for your application. Having the right truck for the job means getting work done faster and with fewer injuries